Cuppa Tea makes Gatton Park an Annual Event

Last year, Cuppa Tea Club took members to Gatton Park to mark 300 years of Capability Brown designing its gardens, but sadly not everyone could go, so this year, we decided to go again!

The lovely people at the Gatton Trust were on hand to make the day extra special, Chas and Alan, who volunteer for the Gatton Trust gave a talk about the history of the park and buildings, followed by a tour of the grounds on golf carts. We were impressed to know that the manor dates back to the Domesday book in 1082.  More recently in 1888 the property was purchased by the Coleman family of Norfolk who are better known as Coleman’s Mustard! The current owners are Royal Alexandra and Albert School and the Gatton Trust maintain the site.

Luckily the weather was truly on our side, a lovely sunny day meant the experience was a day to remember for our members. Hilda, who is featured in the photo very much enjoyed the experience of feeling the wind rushing past her face as the golf cart zoomed down towards the picturesque Japanese garden.

Many thanks to the Gatton Trust for a wonderful occasion and to the many Loveworks volunteers who provided sandwiches, cake and more.

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