In the Loveworks Garden

Did you know that loneliness one of the largest health concerns in the 21st century? Increasingly, many families are feeling disconnected and it is simply not just older people who are feeling vulnerable – a staggering 43% of young people aged 17-25 having moments of feeling vulnerable and socially isolated.

If you live in our community (within a five mile radius of Reigate) and want to try something new for increased well-being – why not consider joining our new Garden project? The new club will be coming soon. We’re still in the process of planning how the new garden club will operate. But, one thing is for sure, we aim to be inclusive of all who wish to join to learn and enjoy gardening skills, meet new people and feel better about our health and well-being.

Feeling alone? Want to join us in our new community garden project?

You can meet like minded people – people who want to learn something new, be part of a team doing something for the community.

We have volunteers who are garden enthusiasts and love working with people. Our volunteers can listen and support you without judgement.

If this sounds of interest, please contact us at