NESTED supports Loveworks with a sizeable cash donation of £1,000

Nested is not based in our community, but based in Clerkenwell, London. It is a new property tech start-up which helps people to sell their houses quickly. The company only launched just 8 months ago and now employs 56 people!

Nested are passionate about community social responsibility and are keen that their staff have the opportunity to refer charities and organisations that contribute towards this vision.

Recently, Susan Gregory, an employee at Nested who lives locally to Loveworks nominated our work supporting people in our community to access emergency food when in crisis; including homeless people. As a result of Susan’s successful referral, we have been awarded £1,000 from Nested.

This contribution will help the charity enormously in raising awareness of all our services locally. It will also allow us to feed an additional 23 families in 2018 with a 3-day supply of food when in crisis.

This additional funding will certainly be a lifeline for some – many people locally are struggling financially. We live in tough economic times, where inflation continues to rise faster than wages, meaning very often people must make difficult choices and sometimes, keeping your home warm, with the lights and feeding the kids will come first.

Thanks to Susan Gregory and Nested for such a wonderful donation.


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