Cuppa Tea Club

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Sadly our Cuppa Tea Club is on hold for the forseeable future due to the Covid-19 situation. We wish all of our members and volunteers well and hope to see you all soon.

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Our club is for designed with you in mind. If you are in retirement, perhaps lost touch with work colleagues or local friends and want to enjoy a chance to meet new people and enjoy new experiences, Cuppa Tea Club could be for you – don’t be alone behind closed doors, join us soon we’ve got the next brew waiting just for you.

The group meets on the last Thursday afternoon of every month. Laura and a group of volunteers arrange activities for the members who attend. Activities can include: bingo, dominoes, arts & crafts, quizzes or even arm chair yoga. The club occasionally visits other venues locally too. In 2017, we visited Gatton Park and Patchwork Gardens. 

Discover more and find out what we’re all about. The Cuppa Tea Club is a free event to our guests.

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