How it began

A belief that we can all make a difference was set up in the belief that great good could be done if people who cared pooled their efforts and resources. Every single one of our many volunteers has helped illustrate the truth that. No matter how busy we feel we all have something to give that will help make a difference. Sometimes all we lack is the belief that it is possible. It is so easy to see the magnitude of the issues and just feel daunted and overwhelmed.

A vehicle to maximise combined effort

We believe that a lot of people ask themselves; “What can I do when the needs are so great – I am just one person” and that it can be a very disabling thought. What Loveworks provides is a vehicle through which people can join together as a community and work collectively for good. Many hands make light work and every river is composed of millions of water drops – each one tiny on its own but flowing and powerful when added together.

We are proud of the projects we have run for local people in need. They are a very thoroughly devised and creative response to the people they are intended for. We always work in conjunction with partner organisations locally which helps us identify un-met need as well as the beneficiaries we are best placed to provide for.

We hope this website inspires you to join us on the journey, turning these convictions into practical action, helping us to give something timely and relevant to local people in need.