Learning how to protect ourselves against fraud

The Loveworks Cuppa Tea Club experienced a special session this week with a visit and talk by staff at Santander bank.  We welcomed Maria & Ameera from both Reigate and Dorking branches and they talked about the most recent ways fraudsters are tricking people to give away personal information. They even went as far as acting out a role play scenario to demonstrate how easy it is to give information away without even realising. Whether it be online, an email, a phone call or a knock at the door – everyone should speak to their bank and find out more. The talk was incredibly useful for both our older guests and our volunteers too.

One of the most important points  to remember: Trust no one who calls you, whether it be your bank, your broadband provider or any other organisation. Put the phone down and contact the bank or the organisation that called you the next day, remembering to look up the number yourself.

If you are concerned about fraud, please speak to your bank. They are happy to help.

Thanks to Santander for a really enjoyable learning experience for all our guests.

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