When Loveworks began in 2008, our best idea to make a difference locally was to own cafe premises which would be both the hub for our projects and a potential recruitment ground for volunteers to make projects happen. In 2018, ten years on, we have finally realised our founder’s dream with The Merstham Mix community café.

We are really beginning to make a difference. Since our humble beginnings we have worked with in excess of 600 volunteers and have helped more than 5,500 people in our community. It’s truly humbling.

Both then and now, our two fold purpose has been to encourage local people to give their time and skills to support our projects, both at grassroots and behind the scenes to allow us to provide something timely and relevant to local people who are struggling with life in order to make them feel valued and special at a time when they, for good reason, are feeling just the reverse.

These days, we plan our projects with this question in the forefront of our minds – “What does an emotionally intelligent response to the social issues we are facing within our community look like?”
We continue to have a vision that Loveworks will be the heart of our community and this vision is continually supported by the good and caring people of our local area who continue to give several thousand pounds worth of goods that have been donated by shoppers, collected and distributed by volunteers in response to appeals for our projects.

Community spirit in action!!

Come and join us and help be part of the solution…