Our Projects and Appeals

To bring our projects to life, we rely on local fundraising support from within the community. Through campaigning we are able to raise awareness of social needs concerns affecting people locally and appeal for your help. All our projects are delivered by our teams of volunteers who we could not do without. With their support, we are making a difference to local people in our community who are in need.

Merstham & Reigate Foodbanks

located in Merstham and Reigate, our foodbanks provide families with three days’ worth of emergency food when in crisis. The service is intended to offer a short term solution. In addition to recieving non-perishable food, all Loveworks customers will now be entitled to support in the new Merstham Mix Community Café and with every food voucher issued, customers will also be entitled to a Merstham Mix voucher providing one hot, healthly daily special per week whilst receiving support from the food bank.

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A community café for all

The Merstham Mix is a community café for all and the vision of our Loveworks founder to one day aspire to have a facility in which will benefit residents locally. For far too long, we have been giving the love of food at our food banks, but now we have a facility in which to provide education, training and volunteer opportunities for people locally living with food poverty to enable them to break free from the cycle of food poverty.

The Merstham Mix is based at the new community hub in Portland Drive, Merstham. 

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Cuppa Tea Club

A monthly club for elderly people from Reigate and the surrounding areas, the club provides company, refreshments and a good time.

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