Support Natalia (age 6) – fundraising for Loveworks and Stripey Stork

We have a amazing young fundraiser currently raising money for Loveworks and Stripey Stork. Natalia is only 6 and will be running 10k in July. Read her story below and please sponsor her in her generous and inspiring challenge. 

Hello, my name is Natalia and I am 6 years old. I have been involved in charity works for the past couple of years and have really enjoyed helping out! Helping out makes me feel very happy, but it sometimes makes me really sad when I hear that not all people and children are as lucky as I think I am.
I would like to make more children happy, and so I have set myself a challenge in the hope to raise money for two local charities, Stripey Stork and Loveworks. The money raised will enable both charities to buy items for families most in need.
I will be running 10K at the beginning of July 2021. I am currently training towards being able to run this far😀.
Any donations that you can kindly spare to help support Stripey Stork and Loveworks, would make me and the families VERY happy! 😀
Thank you
Natalia xxx

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