What makes a project a Loveworks Project?

Our projects are designed, funded and delivered by our own staff and volunteers. They are designed to make a difference to local people in our community who are in need.

Loveworks projects are the perfect gift

Carefully thought through because we want to offer the most timely and relevant response we realistically can to whatever emotional needs have been created by our beneficiaries adverse circumstances.

To make sure we “hit the emotional bullseye” we meet with local agencies specialising in support for particular user groups as well as, whenever possible, we also consult with potential beneficiaries to ensure that…

  1. we meet unmet need within the disadvantaged groups within the community
  2. the project we are designing is tailor made to effectively meet the emotional needs of the beneficiaries.


Loveworks projects are lovingly given

Time after time, we find the way we give is as important, if not more so, than what we give.  That is why we aim to build care and kindness at every stage in a project’s development and delivery.

We want people to leave our projects feeling uplifted, valued and cared for and we always want to achieve the best positive emotional impact possible.

Our projects are often delivered by specialist volunteers who have relevant expertise which they are kind enough to offer, along with their time, for free.


Our projects are devised, funded and delivered by our own staff and volunteers. We schedule our projects at the outset of each year and we aim to deliver a project every 1 – 2 months.

Whilst planning is important, we love the fact that we are still able to respond quickly and appropriately and at grass roots level as and when we see unmet needs.

This is possible thanks to the 165 strong database of proactive volunteers, people passionate about making a difference working alongside a small team of part and full-time staff.

We aim to keep our project costs as low as possible and are paid for by funds raised through a number of initiatives, large and small scale.

Loveworks Projects Criteria

a Loveworks.org project is one which….

  1. Supports individuals, regardless of age, race, culture or gender, who are suffering a social or emotional disadvantage within a 5 mile radius of Reigate, Surrey
  2. Is created in consultation with a local agency specialising in the target user group for the project
  3. Is designed and carried out by Loveworks staff and volunteers (with representation from partner agency at point of delivery preferable)
  4. Provides an appropriate mechanism for the provision of feedback and reportage from project recipients
  5. Furthers the charitable objectives of Loveworks.org